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Joy Autumn, a singer-songwriter originally from the small town of Olympia, Washington shines light as bright as the Hollywood sign itself onto the dark side of making it as an artist in her new atmospheric pop album, Midnight. Searching for You, the album’s lead single, premiered on the front page of LA Weekly​, and Midnight received critical acclaim from numerous tastemaker blogs, which led to the album successfully making the 1st round 61st GRAMMY® Awards Ballot. Joy is currently writing her next album, and can be seen performing regularly in Los Angeles at renowned venues such as The Echo, The Hotel Cafe, and The Village Studios.



Singer-Songwriter Joy Autumn’s journey began in a similar fashion to many artists. A wide-eyed dreamer, Joy packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles with her cat, Alfie, expecting success as a recording artist. Autumn says, “I mean, I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight...I’d heard the tales...but living through the challenges was a different story.”


After recording numerous songs with a handful of award-winning producers, Joy felt dejected to repeatedly hear that she was never enough. “Your look is boring.” “Katy Perry would do it this way...and that’s what’s in.” Finding herself broke, depressed and eating canned food in a 400 square foot apartment, the glitter of Hollywood quickly faded away. While waiting for calls that never came, Autumn discovered an underbelly of the city which consisted of late night and early morning partying and dating all the wrong men. Joy describes it as a sort of afterparty culture in which trust-fund babies, the offsprings of celebrities, and wealthy industry men would get together to prey upon female Hollywood hopefuls. Despite the fact that she was out with gorgeous models and actors, Joy states in a matter-of-fact manner, “No one who is out at 4 a.m. on a Tuesday is happy” - herself included.


Midnight is the result of Autumn’s loneliness and the search for herself amidst what she calls the “Hollywood hypocrisy.” “I was so busy not making it in Hollywood that I forgot the reason why I created music in the first place,” Joy explains. Sick of being patronized by industry men who would pinch her cheeks and call her cute, Joy dyed her hair black and set out to prove them wrong. She took her challenges and co-produced Midnight, an atmospheric pop record, with the support of producer, Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson). Searching for You, the album’s lead single, comes from her longing to find that girl who arrived in the City of Angels in love with music and optimistic about her future.


The final track, Brave, began as a pep-talk that Autumn initially wrote for herself, and encourages others to also confront their fears, be honest about their experiences, reach out for help, and take tremendous leaps of chasing your dreams. She believes, “What we really need are people who are inspired, kind, and pursuing their passions,” and says, “If I can help one person feel not so alone in this world and become inspired, despite their obstacles, to continue to chase after what they love, then I feel like it was all worth it.”