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You asked and here they are...

Hi friends,


The time has come to say goodbye to perfection, and for the first time ever, (drum roll please!) I'm sharing my "Rainy Sunday" demos with you! Perfection often takes the spotlight, which is a shame, because I think we learn more from our mistakes! By showing you these messy demos, I hope I can inspire you. Consider this your personal invitation to join me on a rollercoaster of creativity. Take a leap, miss the mark, have a good laugh, and voilà––you might stumble upon something new and fascinating about yourself!


The first track is "Beautiful" in its first form. I had been working on it since summer 2019, and sent Kara an email with this demo that said, "HELP I'M STUCK!" she encouraged me to rewrite parts of it, and together we fixed the chorus and the bridge. Always call your friends!


Now, brace yourself for "Monster." This version was produced in 4 hours by a Grammy-nominated producer during my LA newbie days. He insisted I needed more Katy Perry vibes, then recorded this disaster, and slapped me with a $1300 bill—an artist's nightmare. That experience was a catalyst for me and I decided I need to learn how to produce music, and 8 years later I finally produced it myself!


"The Otherside" went through metamorphosis! The first demo is one I had forgotten about. It's so angry and painful to listen to! Then I took the track to Bill, who was obsessed with lofi music, and convinced me I had to go that route. I didn't dig it. But maybe you might?


Lasty, we have "Cozy Love." I was taking a production course at UCLA, and created this backing track for my final. Kara and I were hanging out on a rainy sunday (no joke...hence the album title) and she started sing a different melody than I had, and we ended up drinking tea and cowriting the version on the album.

Oh...I almost forgot. Here's a version of "With You" I took to a producer friend because I wasn't sold on my rendition...unfortunately too much time passed and we never finished it... sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles, what can ya do!

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