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After a successful run releasing her last record, “Midnight,” where Joy found herself on the 2019 first-round GRAMMY ballot, selling out shows at the iconic Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, and featured in renowned publications such as LA Weekly, Autumn eventually packed her bags and moved home to Olympia, WA during the pandemic, leaving her the space to rediscover herself and revisit her sound. 


Joy leans into a communion with nature and her Pacific Northwest roots on her new project––a folksy and ethereal Nirvana cover album, honoring her local songwriting hero, the late Kurt Cobain. Autumn was inspired to reimagine and record songs Cobain wrote during his Olympia years at 114 Pear Street, just a few miles from her childhood home. 


Joy muses, “This album is an homage to my local songwriting hero, Kurt Cobain. I grew up in Olympia, Washington and Nirvana’s music inspired my belief that anyone from anywhere—even a rainy, small town—can rock out and achieve their dreams. It gave me a lot of pride knowing that Nirvana wrote their biggest hits in the same sleepy, dreary town I woke up in each day.” 


Joy expands, “Come As You Are” is one of my favorite Nirvana songs. Kurt wrote it a couple of miles from my childhood home in Olympia, WA, and when I found myself, once again, living at home during the pandemic, I recorded these songs in my childhood bedroom and gave them my own artistic flair. I’m hoping I can spread Nirvana’s music to a younger generation, even those who may not be inclined to listen to grunge.” 


“Come As You Are - A Tribute To Nirvana In Olympia,” will be released on May 31st, 2023 and Nirvana fans, old and new, are all welcome.


Written by Painted Bird



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