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After a successful run releasing her last record, “Midnight,” where Joy found herself on the 2019 first-round GRAMMY ballot, selling out shows at the iconic Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, and featured in renowned publications such as LA Weekly, Autumn eventually packed her bags and moved home to Olympia, WA during the pandemic, leaving her the space to rediscover herself and revisit her sound. 


Alone with her thoughts in her childhood bedroom, Joy spent hours perfecting her craft composing for film and producing music—“Cozy Love” being her first-ever, self-produced release. “Coming back and creating in the Pacific Northwest was a full-circle moment for me,” Autumn shares. “I used to write songs in my childhood bedroom, on that very same piano, as a kid, but this time I was returning with so much more wisdom and experience. After spending years in a music industry full of male producers, seemingly holding the key to my sound, I knew I needed to take my songs into my own hands. I’ve always wanted to produce and the pandemic gave me the time and space to make that lifelong dream a reality. I feel more in-control of my music career and destiny than ever before.”


In “Cozy Love,” written one rainy Sunday with close friend and singer-songwriter Kara Connolly, Joy recounts how she’s experienced the highs and the lows of both life and relationships, and is now finally at a place in her journey where something real, earnest, and simple is what she considers true contentment. Imagery including morning coffee, flannels, Cary Grant classics, and Coltrane swirl throughout the intimate single, reminiscent of the ways in which Taylor Swift’s pandemic-hit, “Folklore,” instantly puts one in a mood. 


Joy expands, “I’ve learned that I don’t need to have an extreme relationship or do extreme things to feel content. I can be happy with and inspired by a simple life. This song is proof of that and is all about feeling comfortable with just yourself or the company of a close confidant. All I want is to be seen and loved. I think we all feel that way, at the end of the day.” 


Grab your coziest blanket, favorite candle, and a warm cup of tea to enjoy this new Joy Autumn release, with a chance of more thoughtful rainy day music ahead. 


Written by Painted Bird

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